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Updated Sep 29tth 2015

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whicsered on the left, Brandt's o the right.Photo Danny Fellmany Fellman

whiskered on the left, Brandt’s o the right.Photo Danny Fellmam


Recent Posts:


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Serotine at Priory

The first ever whiskered bats found in Bedfordshire – all four of them
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At last we catch 2 Nathusius’
Hedj’s photos of captive bats

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Photo Danny Felllman

Photo Danny Fellman

Visit Martin’s Bedfordshire Bat Group blog which focuses on the scientific side of our work You can e mail us at(2011)batsinbeds@fsmail.net  (remove the 2011 before sending)


If you need advice about a grounded bat,

please contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s 24 hour helpline on  0345  1300 228. They will contact us and we will try to help. All Bat carers are volunteers, so please do not expect an immediate response

Please note the change in number, the old 0845 number has been replaced with 0345. I will gradually track down alll the other pages that contain the old number and adjust hem, but for the moment both numbers work

In the meanwhile, you can get some information about grounded bats here

We are regularly  updating this website, if you come across problems, do please let us know  by e mailing us at (2011) batsinbeds@fsmail.net
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