Created February 2012
Updated   24th March 2020

Following current advice about coronavirus, the Bat Group has no choice but to cancel any event which would involve people gathering together. The surveys in April and May will therefore not take place as planned. We shall try to find safe ways of collecting data at one or two survey sites with one or two experienced surveyors working carefully within the guidelines. We regret that, until circumstances allow relaxation of the guidelines, we are unable to open any surveys or events to Bat Group members as we normally do.

At present, there is not a problem with individuals going out to record bats with their own equipment, although this may change if more restrictions are introduced. It may be possible to loan Pinpoint BAT equipment to a few individuals (members) if appropriate precautions are taken. Please contact Bob if you are interested in this.

We shall keep you informed as developments occur.

Watch the newsgroup for updates

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Grounded Bat

lease contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s helpline on  0345  1300 228. They will contact us and we will try to help. All Bat carers are volunteers, so please do not expect an immediate response.

In the meanwhile, you can get some information about grounded bats here

20th March 2020

The Bat Conservation Trust have confirmed that carers can continue to pick up injured bats, provided they conform to social distancing guidelines . The helpline staff will explain how to do this.


British bats do not carry covid 19 but  remember they may carry ELVB which is why it is important you don’t handle the bat in ungloved hands.

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