Created February 2012
Updated Dec.2018

Nauhty Natterer’s Photo Sara Miller

First Hibernation survey  of the Winter this weekend .Despite relatively warm weekend we found a grand total of 130 bats for the whole survey (81 Natterer’s, 24 Daubentons, 3 Myotis 19 Brown long eared,  bat1 Barbastelle and 2 unidentifiable bats, which took a lot of concentration (see below|)

Photo of concentrsting surveyor.Photo Sara Miller

Grounded Bat

lease contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s 24 hour helpline on  0345  1300 228. They will contact us and we will try to help. All Bat carers are volunteers, so please do not expect an immediate response

In the meanwhile, you can get some information about grounded bats here

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