Created February 2012
Updated   10th Nov 2109

The update of the front page is long overdue. The Main season is over.
but there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

This year  we have collected a lot of data. Thanks to the Peersonic detectors and using auto lures when trapping.  Despite looking at thousands of sonograms we still have thousands left to look at. We don’t much trust auto ID so this has to be done by humans.This is a two edged sword.

Image result for data overload meme

There is little value in just collecting data. That data has to be looked at. At this moment survey leader are pouring over results trying to look for trends. This involves looking at this year’s data and also previous years. This literally takes months.

At the same time as doing this we are Janus-like looking forward to what we are going to be doing in 2020 and what if any equipment we need to get/repair. And then there are marvellous new bat books which cry out to be read. It's like a data overload

And as if that were not enough, I am looking at some neglected pages of this site. I’ll be focusing on the Articles section first. Please bear with me. Jude

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Grounded Bat

lease contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s helpline on  0345  1300 228. They will contact us and we will try to help. All Bat carers are volunteers, so please do not expect an immediate response.

In the meanwhile, you can get some information about grounded bats here

We are regularly updating this website, if you come across problems, do please let us know  by e mailing us at enquiries(at)bedsbatgroup.org.uk (please replace the “at” with @)