Analysing 6 years of data from the Priory Bat box scheme

pipistrelles in a bat box

Photo of a Kent Box, photo Danny Fellman

The bat group has always said that there is little point collecting data if no attempt is made to analyse it. For the last six year Danny Fellman has single handedly checked the boxes he installed over the years at Priory Country Park. These are mainly Kent and Gwent boxes.

Three years ago he produced an interim report.

Now with 6 years of data the boxes are examined one a month throughout the year, he and Bob met to see if they can pick out more patterns in the data and this time they are doing some statistical tests, to see if the trends they pick out are statistically differe3nt.

They met on Monday night to discuss what was worth looking at, and Bob had fun yesterday thinking about what tests to use and what hypotheses he can test.

This is going to take some time, and our thoughts once again go out to Maddy who is writing up her PhD.

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