Another action point from the committee meeting completed

Drawing by Joan Childs

Drawing by Joan Childs

Bats are protected under UK and European Law and there have been some recent reports of successful prosecutions. The police can also help without prosecution being involved. The Bedfordshire Police investigated a case last year of two sets of people trespassing at one of our hibernation sites. One of the groups lit flares inside  during the winter period,took photos of it and posted them online and a sharp eyed member recognised where it was.  The site in question has now been made tamper proof.

Local police forces are helped by Pete Charleston at the Bat Conservation Trust. Pete is an ex Wildlife Crime officer and is able to provide his considerble experience to  police forces.

This is an area which does not attract  central grant funding and very much relies on Bat Group donations to keep going. They would welcome donations from members of the public.

The bat group make donations every year from the money we make from record searches from consultant. Last year w2as a busy year for thee searches and so we were more than happy to allocate £750 to the fund.

You can read more about BCT’s work in this area at

The drawing that illustrates this post is the work of Joan Childs who for a time was seconded to BCT to work to bat crime

If you think the law on bats ( see Bats and the Law) has been broken get in contact with BCT, or us if you live in Bedfordshire. If a prosecution is to brought, there needs to be firm evidence of lawbreaking, so photographs are very valuable.

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