The new flight cage


Photo Hedj Dollman

Back in February we told you we were planing a new flight cage

Soggy has been busy this month on erecting it.

On 14th March she posted on Facebook

The bat cave is up and when the weather in the evening is warmer we can fly the captives – that is if they are out of hibernation !!!
A massive thank you to the erection party  Kelly, Hedj, Tori, Asia and her husband. We just need to bury the skirt, bat proof the inside, lay a few white/off white sheets on the floor and secure some things for the bats to hang onto at each end and we are sorted


Photo Hedj Dollman



Photo Hedj Dollman


Photo Hedj Dollman


Photo Hedj Dollman


On the 22nd March she posted

Phase 2 of the bat cave complete. The overhang on the polytunnel has now been buried under the turf. Next phase is to line the floor with either carpet or underlay and overlay it with bedding so that the bats show up when they land. Then add a carpet hanging at both ends and we are ready to go.


Last night was very windy but the flight cage came through with flying colours

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