Paper on an analysis of five years of data from the Priory Country Park bax box study

The Gwentbo is on the left, the Kent boc on the right.Photo Danny Fellman

The Gwent box is on the left, the Kent bxc on the right.Photo Danny Fellman

For the last five years Danny Fellman has been monitoring bat boxes at Priory Country Park.  He has been doing  this monthly.

Boxes are used throughout the year by pipistrelles.

The main focus of study has been the different usage of Kent and Gwent bat boxes

A matched paired study was used using ten of each type. There was a strong statistical significance for preferred usage for Kent boxes.

On closer examination of the data , a seasonal preference for the slot used was also statistically significant

The article is to be published in the Bedford Naturalist journal, but we are placing it n the website because we hope it will be of interest to other bat groups who are involved in bat bx projects or who are hoping to do so in the future.

You can read the full paper here

Any queries please contact Danny at prioryrangers@   or Bob a tbats(at) (Please replace (at) with @)

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