Priory Bat Box Project- the next stage

Photo Bob Cornes

Photo Bob Cornes

After the writing up of the current Bat Box Project at Priory,w e were absolutely delighted when Bedfordshire Borough Council offered us £500 to buy some more boxes. Up until then Danny (and local schools) had made all the boxes themselves at no cost to the council.

This grant has meant we have been  able to buy 11 new boxes which we hope will attract other species of  bat to use them. Bob has been training Danny in the subtle art of taking bats out of boxes and on Thursday the pair of them toured the site looking for suitable sites in the light of future management plans and ivy free trees., and installed all but one of the boxes

They have installed 5 2FN, 5 2FF and 1FF box

These will be checked monthly by Danny and Bob


Along the way they checked the Kent boxes and found a new record for occupancy –  at least 15 pips who were in a box that was very awkward to photograph,so apologies for the slightly blurry  photo

Pipistrelle in a kent bat box. Photo Bob Cornes

Pipistrelles in a kent bat box. Photo Bob Cornes

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