Trapping at Oak Wood

greater stockgrove

As part of the Greater Stockgrove Project, we did our first trapping session at Oak Wood. We have never trapped here before because it is actually in Bucks, but the North Bucks group was happy for us to invade.

The weather was not not on our side. It was very windy and the temperature fell quite quickly. Bob set up a trap and lure helped by Gwen while Poppy and Tori headed off into the dark to walk an unfamiliar path in the dark with a GPS and the Griffin for company. They got some fascinating recordings including some brown long eared bats which we rarely hear and some fascinating social calls which we will be looking at in more detail later. Of barbastelles there was no sign, ( although we still have files to look at

The net caught soprano and common pips and brown long eared bats. The trap was more exciting in that in addition to these we caught three pregnant Natterer’s and a Brandt’s  male. The only other place we have caught a Brandt’s is in a nearby site near to the Bucks border.

Brandt's bat .Photo Bob Cornes

Brandt’s bat .Photo Bob Cornes

We also checked out radio transmission, while we cannot contact the Visitor’s Centre from Oak Wood, radio reception within the wood is fine and the wood itself is quite a gem at this time of year.

We will be doing more surveys at Rushmere.


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