Trapping at Priory Country Park

We carried out the first Nathusius survey at the Country Park on Wednesday 3rd June. It was a beautiful night with a  fabulous sunset and lot of birds swimming on the lake.

grumpy bat

grumpy cat

As well as the harp trap, because there were ten members of the bat group who wanted to attend, we also set up a mist net.The lure was placed with the harp trap and two sopranos were lured in. The mist net proved far more successful and caught 9 Daubentons, 7 fmales and 2 males. They were all very docile but one of the males doesn’t look like that in the photo below. Those of you who are on social media, have already met the Grumpy cat, ladies and gentlemen pleased meet the grumpy bat

Of Nathusius there were none, hey ho!

Grumpy bat. Photo Bob Cones

Grumpy bat. Photo Bob Cones

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