Kings Wood June Box check

For the last two months the boxes have been occupied (if you ignore the blue tits). So, the gang met up and trudged through the woods. We were joined by new members Jennie and Vicky, both of whom have the sort of dreadful sense of humour that means they were born to be members of the bat group.

Vicky volunteered to climb the ladder to look into a bat box. She climbed up very quickly , but came down even faster as there was a hulking hornet peering out of her.

Photo Jennie Atwell

Photo Jennie Attwell

We had a more successful day with 27 brown long eareds found on the Sunday. There was quite a queue of bats waiting to be processed

Photo Jennie Atwell

Photo Jennie Atwell

Photo Bob Cones

Photo Bob Cornes


Bob went back to finish off the last few boxes and found another five brown long eareds, but several bats managed to escape before he could capture them. One of this group proved to be extremely photogenic. There were a number of old friends that he ringed last year and several new ones, and best of all the birds have gone.

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