Tracking the Brandt’s Bat at Rushmere

We drove over to Rushmere on Saturday for lunch and a walk, and while we were there we checked that the Brandt’s tag was still working. It was, so Bob and I went back that night. The Brandt’s came out very shortly after sunset (they don’t do that according to the books) and we picked her up near the main drive. She paused to forage near the Visitors’ Centre and then headed up the West side of he park.

Wild Things Gate Photo Bob Cornes

Wild Things Gate Photo Bob Cornes

We drove up to the Wild Things Gate and picked her up again flying towards Oak Wood. We then headed to Stockgrove to see if we could pick her up there, but Stockgrove is in a valley and we were unable to get a signal. (Why do bats seem to know the places with poor reception. If it stops raining we will have another go tonight – assuming he tag is still working


A nice bonus was we picked up a Brandt’s bat ( not the tagged one), while we were at6the Wild Things gate, which had very little activity otherwise.


If you are unsure where these places are, there is a page whch shows all the locations mentioned here

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