More bat care

It’s all go for the bat carers Here is a post from Geraldine Hogg

Three Common Pipistrelles were fed last night by three Bat Group members, Angie, Soggy and Dick, at Soggy’s home. Angie’s Little’Un, and two that Soggy had in care, Batty and Crafty.

hole in Bat's wing. Photo Richard Hogg

hole in Bat’s wing. Photo Richard Hogg

Batty has a hole in one wing, but surprised us all by suddenly taking flight round Soggy’s living space. So Batty was likely to be released this evening, as he could obviously fly and echolocate.

Little’Un tried his best to fly in the Bat Cave, but didn’t quite manage it, so he’ll be in care for a while longer.

 Angie-feeding-Litle-Un. Photo Richard Hogg

Little Un

Little Un feeding. Photo Richard Hogg

Little Un2

Little Un having a drink. Photo Richard Hogg

Soggy feeds Crafty

Soggy feeding Crafty Photo Richard Hogg

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