Improving date searches

paperworkWith the increase in building in Bedfordshire the number of data searches we have been asked to provide consultants has increased to  the extent that it is impossible for one person to deal with them all. At the last committee meeting it was agreed that a team should be involved. Last night  those of the team not on holiday met to thrash out the fine detail of how it is to be done.  It took us three and a half hours but we think we have a system that will work and are in the process of setting up a new data search address and trying to  finish the update the database. This is like painting the Forth Bridge as we keep getting new records being sent in, mainly from consultants and same dating back to 2013

The fact that we have been so active in recent years doesn’t help and the number of recordings we make in a wee,k let alone a season, takes ages to analyse. Different people keep their ongoing records of call analysis, and we are now in the process of consolidating all the records into one place. When that is done  we can launch the new system


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