And still it rains…

Art Work from the Victorian vampire facebook page

Art Work from the Victorian vampire facebook page

On June 1st an intrepid band made its way to Upper Alders for some trapping. It wasn’t actually raining, but the vegetation and the air was soaking, but everyone braved things. We were particularly delighted that Dave Parsons and his grandson came as Dave is a long term member who could never get out because he worked permanent nights. Retirement has changed that and he joined in enthusiastically and tackled the cakes bravely We hadn’t been here before but managed to catch a few soprano and common pips and heard a Myotis flying around. Thanks to everyone who came out. No Nathusius of course

Chris learned a very important lesson. A cake wrapped in foil, does not respond well to being put inĀ  a rucksack!

It was good to have a number of Greensand staff come along- they were charmed to meet their first ever bat close up

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