100 Nathusius in a weekend

Bob and Jude spent the weekend at Rye helping with a blitz on the south coast looking for Nathusius. It was quite an experience, the temperature dropped to 5 degrees centigrade. What was amazing was that on the first night we caught 25 of them.  The3 sight of Bob coming back holding 5 bags on a single trip to one of the traps was something to see. The processing team was kept very busy and all of the bats made it back into the air safely – although one or two did need warming up, by being placed back in their bag and  snuggled under people’s many layers of clothes.

An added bonus was the starry night unspoiled by light pollution..Nathusius


Bob returns with three Nathusius in holding bags. This was on the second night, which may explain the look on his face. Photo Jude Hirstwood


Photo Bob Cornes

A male Nathusius newly ringed.Photo Bob Cornes


We caught one Nathusius which had been ringed at Dungenness earlier in the evening as well as some bats which had been previously ringed at Rye. All the rings were examined and Sally Ann was very happy that there was no sign of damage and the bats were soon on their way

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