Chiroptrivia 2015-

Chiroptrivia 2015 –

“Life is a beautiful and strange creature that appears at a window, flies swiftly through the banquet and is gone.”  The Venerable Bede

and there can be few more strange and wonderful creatures than a bat. So this section is dedicated to the strange and wonderful things which make bat group members laugh, agree with or wonder at

We are lucky to have some very good photographers in the bat group. One of them Hedj Dollman is a professional photographer and his photo of this bat in care was used in the Wildlife Trust magazine

This has to be one of the weirder bats, hard To believe he is from the same genus as Mimon crenulatum

Mimon bennetti

Mimon bennetti

Minom crenulatum (3)crop

Mimon crenulatum Photo Jude Hirstwood

Norman the brown long eared bat. Photo (c0 Hedj Dollman

Norman the brown long eared bat. Photo (c) Hedj Dollman

This incredible bat is on a ride at Detroit Zoo

bat carousel

Ripon Cathedral Gargoyle competition winning design. Daubentons’s Bat Gargoyle, Designed and Carved by Tom Nicholls, 2015 See more of his work at

bat gargoyle

Here’s another one. This time lurking in Barcelona

Barcelona gargoyle

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