Trying out the Pinpoint Bat equipment.

We had 2 Peersonics out on the first Stockgrove survey with two threshold settings, one at -36 db which recorded 334 calls of which 309 had bats (92%), and the other at -39db which had 402 calls of which 372 had bats on (88.5% ). Both detcectors were at the same point.

We have decided to use the -40db setting.

One idea of Pinpoint bat is so that members can try seeing what bats visit their gardens. We very rarely see bets in our garden, but leaving a detector out bagged us common and soprano pips and a Noctule.

Another aimĀ  is to investigate nearby woodland. We investigated Russet Plantation in Ampthill. It was quite a cold night and there were not many bats about BUT we got Common and Soprano pips, a brilliant recording of a brown long earedĀ  bat (which is so quiet we rarely hear them or get a recording )and last but no way least a NATHUSIUS pipistrelle.

I have always said that these elusive bats have sense of humour. We have spent hundred of hours looking for the beastly things, and there they were in the nearest woodland to our house. This is a new record for the park.

Another option is to do car surveys. These are less likely to pick up bats and usually you get common and soprano pipistrelles and the occasional Noctule. On the first night we tried the temperature fell from 16 degrees at the start of the transect to a chilly 4 degrees at the end.We were not hopeful but as well as the three species already mentioned we picked up a serotine and a Myotis bat ,

The next night we tried again but it was a cold evening and we heard zilch for the first 35 minutes, we did pick up a couple of pips in Clophil, but that was all. so we headed home for a hot drink.

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