Pinpoint Bat processor is a success

Danny’s program now runs like a dream.

It has done for a while but we got a bit stuck because the data file is saved in a directory called current file – and there are two of these, we were trying to retrieve it from the wrong one.

In the bat group we count a record as one record per species in 1 six figure grid reference. This takes the sonogram data and  strips out the duplicates, something which in the past had to be done by hand.

What is more it is very quick

The first stage is a bit slow as downloading data from the Peersonic takes quite a while

We have a number of people who are going to be trying this out over the next fortnightbefore the official launch to give us time to check that the system of providing feedback  (which includes data from moving transects plotted on GIS) works smoothly.

We are happy bunnies.


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