Another Nathusius site

Nathusius pipistrelle Photo Bob Cornes taken in 2014 at Priory Country Park

We have trapped at Harrold Odell six times over the past few years ever since Kel got a probable Nathuisius on an NBMP susrvey, It was a short call and we couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just a common pip calling low.

Nicky did a one woman bioblitz at Harrold Odell earlier this year, using the Pinpoint Bat Peerdsxonic and a couple of Griffins and has been wading through 7000 recordings About halfway through she has discovered a call which is a definite Nathusius, which has led to much excitement – two new Nathusius sites in a week can’t be bad.

She still has a lot of records to look at. We await with bated breath

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