Project Planning for 2018

Last year we concentrated on Pinpoint Bat which we will be continuing this year

Up until now we have had a single project licence for scientific trapping, which is a potential limitation as it means either the project licence holder or his agents must be present.  This year we have decided to apply for a second project licence with different emphasis to other very experienced members to set to set up a second project.

This mean writing a project proposal and getting it approved by Natural England. The paperwork is daunting, so along with two bat group members who are employed by The Wildife Trust. who want to get a licence to trap non their reserves, we held a meeting to  talk  through how to do this.

Not even biccies and a cuppa could make it fun but, we made significant progress, though you can see how mind crushingly boring it was.


Photo Jude Hirstwood

Photo Jude Hirstwood

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