Farewell to Tony Aldhous

Tony was a founder member of the Bedfordshire Bat Group  way back when and has since carried out many roles, leading surveys and walks as well as  supporting Jude as she struggled to get to grips with writing the website on Dreamweaver (and failed many times) It was he who suggested hat we change to WordPress which made life easier, though he was still on call when she messed up.


He was also our Treasurer and enlivened committee meetings with his succinct financial reports. “We have money and we have members” The role of Treasurer is an onerous one and the idea of replacing him was daunting. In the end we hit upon a job share. Bob will be the treasurer reporting to the committee and the AGM, while the nitty gritty of the accounts is being taken over by Angie who is an Accounts Technician

Tony has changed his job and moved to Bristol. He drove all the way to be at the AGM and spent 5 hours stuck in traffic.

After such selflessness  and his usual report was met with applause, we embarrassed him by presenting him with a gift.


We had discussed at the last committee meeting and Jude came up with something non batty. She and Bob and Tony went to Brazil many years ago, when Tony confessed he loved anteaters. So what else could we do?

This gorgeous anteater comes from Helen Hodkins Ceramics which has its own Facebook page as well as  as Etsy Page Only a few days ago she released a new version of mum and baby. Curses!

Tony is moving to Wales and made the mistake of announcing open house, along with the word “horseshoes ” He is keeping up his membership.


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