Lakeside 26th April

Hurrah, not another night watching darkness fall with not a bat in sight. 183 bats counted out. Only eight counted out at the exit I  watched. Evening enlivened by birds in nearby tree telling sparrowhawk in no uncertain terms to go away. The bats being back meant Emily was able to hand net a bat, so completing her training for a class two licence. Tim also hand netted one and got some practice handling bats. Meanwhile Dick went for a wander  and was rewarded with a brilliant display by Noctules and Serotines. He also saw munjac and a hare. We also one on the way to the sight and glimpsed a hedgehog on the way home. Good the roost is occupied again. Still blooming cold, nu8t midges didn’t care, which was good news for the bats. The humans were so wrapped u0p the midges didn’t bother all; of us..



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