February Hibernation survey

A redesigned record sheet made recording data much easier in our biggest site. We had a record number of bats 273 compared with the previous Feb best of 244:
Natterer’s 180
Daubenton’s 75 cf 44 last year
Myotis sp 1
Brown long ears 11 cf 22 last year
Barbastelle 1
Common pipĀ  3
Unidentified 1

This was despite not being able to get access to two sites. We also found a new site at Whipsnade which was where we found the common pips

We left one our new SM4s in a secure site an this month and got interesting recordings. The bats were mainly active between 5 and 7pm and there are lots of strangeĀ  (presumably social calls or bats talking in their sleep)

Sorry for the late update, had trouble reading some of the results

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