Why no updates In June ?

Photo WH Breed

It’s not that the Bat Group has done nothing, despite the wetness of June. Its down to decrepitude of your truly.My hobby over the past year has been to ripen two cataracts. Finally I have had surgery on the first one. Having extreme short sight my brain can’t cope with the difference between the two eyes. As a result it is very hard for me to read a computer screen I have my next operation in mid July so this may continue to be the case

As a result I have been more or less house bound. Last Saturday I got out hence the “bat shit” crazy expression.

20 of us went to our local serotine roost and counted out 13 of these fabulous bats and watched the householders’ dog spend the whole night trying to steal cake. He was as unrelenting as he was unsuccessful and wore himself out.,as did I

Photo Lisa K

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