Lakeside Survey

Jude’s first visit to this site since her cataract operations. Could actually see clearly. Was delighted to be able to watch bats again. Had 38 come out of my exit. Geraldine have over 400 and in all we counted out over 800 bats.

I also saw some movement in the grass in front of me. At first I thought it was a frog but it ran rather than hopped. Couldn’t make out what it was. When Bob moved my chair to the trapping point,he found a field vole sitting under the chair.Field vole. Photo

We caught the moon in this trap. Photo Bob Cornes

It turned out to be a cloudless moonlit night and we did not expect to catch much but we were wrong. 22 Soprano pipistrelles, 9 ncoomons, 6Daubenton’s and 3 Natterers dropped to our two harp traps.We were kept busy processing them so don’t have any photos


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