The Bedfordshire Bat Group goes to Northants

Gwen at the Wildlife Trust asked for help trapping in one of her reserves in Northamptonshire. She has a new project licence and has put Bob as an agent.

Three species of pipistrelle. The ringed Nathusius is the one wearing the ring on the right. Photo Gwen Hitchcock

Gwen writes:

“A successful first night trapping in Northants last night
We caught a total of 24 bats, all three of our pipistrelle species -great excitement when the first bat caught was the rare Nathusius’ pipistrelle – as well as 14 Daubenton’s.
Evidence of breeding from all species, we can’t say for sure it took place on the reserve or not but it is an important foraging ground for all.
Huge thanks to the Beds Bat Group members who crossed the border to help & for the use of their kit”.

processing bats Photo Gwen Hitchcock

Examining and weighing Bats. Photo Gwen Hitcock

Daubenton’s bat. Photo Gwen Hitchcock


Soprano pip. Photo Gwen Hitchcock

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