Visit to the Colmworth Cub group

Last night we visited this delightful group. They were asked to be quiet because we brought a bat. They were amazing. Not only did they keep quiet but they were really interested  and maintained their concentration throughout, responding with wonder to the sight of a video of bats in flight, at how long tonged a nectar feeding bat was coming up with some brilliant suggestions to what bat calls sounded like. Barbastelle’s sounded like banging on a desk, Pipistrelles were slappy or like bubbles bursting, Daubenton’s  were like static on a radio and  Noctules like a beat box.

What was equally impressive was the questions they came up with. Having listened to a gory description of how vampire bats were. One of them asked were they a carnivore an omnivore or a herbivore. That one floored us! (They are sometimes called sanguinivoes)

They loved meeting a bat and not one of them tried to touch the bat of made a loud sounds near her.

We have been invited back when they are at camp to do a bat walk. We can’t wait.

Thanks to all involved. We had fun

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