The National Bat Helpline has a new way of working

“Last week saw the successful launch of our new pilot project, the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline, where volunteers take the Helpline’s bat care calls both in working hours as well as outside them. Volunteers have already helped BCT handle over 150 calls about grounded and injured bats, which have been passed onto UK Bat Care Network members wherever possible.

We also wanted to let you know about the other changes that the Helpline have recently implemented, designed to reduce overall call volumes and the time staff spend answering simple queries. This is a response to our reduced funding on the Helpline (see the March Special Edition Bulletin for more information), but also to our commitment to making bat information accessible and informative to a wide audience.


We have lots of swanky new web pages containing more information and advice for roost owners, including some initial solutions to simple issues, as well as answers to common batty questions. It is a ‘work in progress’ with new pages, resources and updates added all the time. Stay tuned for our new-look leaflets to be added soon.

We have added more options to the automated menu on our phone line. Some phone options do not lead to staff. Instead, audio instructions play, where callers are given information and directed to our website or the relevant contacts they need in their case”.

We would therefore be grateful if bat groups could direct the public with bat roosts and other general bat enquiries to our website in the first instance (


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