The captive noctule conquers the world ( again)

It has been a busy couple of days for the captive Noctule. On Thursday she went over to Sandy to meet 26 very keen brownies when we gave a talk about bats. We included a bit about halloween and where the (mistaken) belief that bats were associated with this time of year arose. We finished off with some ghoulish spells that involved bats. See 2005-10.spells,

Some of the parents took photos of the bat and one proceeded to send it to her friend who ran the guide group, to show her what she missed. There is also a Trefoil group in Biggleswade and the Sandy brownies warned usĀ  that we may get invited to some more talks,


Photo Jude Hirstwood

Then the following morning we headed off to Wardown Museum to introduce the bat to the toddler’s group which meets there once a month. When the bat was taken out of her cage she was pretty sleepy but as time wore on she got more and more lively, especially when we bribed her with some mealworms. By the end of session we were flagging but by then she had very much together stride and was up for play – so we stopped off on our way home to return her to her usual keepers

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