Bat Box check

Photo Celia Sélem Salas


  1. Sunday saw some of the Bat Group checking the bat boxes in our latest woodland bat box project. The reason for doing it now was that we had a visit from an ex member Dr. Celia Sélem Salas who is an academic at the University of Yucatán. While she was doing her PhD in the UK she was a a member of the bat group and she was keen to do something “batty” while she was here. The Bedfordshire members were apologetic for the damp weather, but she said it was lovely to be cool and not surrounded by mosquitoes.  Given that she is surrounded by what we would consider amazing bats – like this Artebius jamaciensis, we were surprised how absolutely fascinated she was with pipistrelles. But as she pointed out there is nothing like them in Mexico.

Photo Jude Hirstwood

We did find a few bats . There were nine pipistrelles in one box and a brown long eared bat in another. The bats are obviously moving into their hibernation places now.




Photo Celia Sélem Salas


We did find this ticklish (?) brown long eared bat

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