Bats of Yucatan

Photo Memo Saleem Salas

Dr. Celia Sélem Salas gave a talk to the bat group on the bats of Yucatan. We had over thirty five people attend . This included members of Cambridge, Herts and Middlesex , North Bucks and even the Avon bat group, who helped us out with ating the cake. Karen made bat biscuits but they disappeared before they could be photographed.

Photo Jude Hirstwood

She talked to us about the importance of bats in Mayan mythology  ( see the Bat Folktales page and and showed us some absolutely stunning photos of the bats in the area she is researching.

Things sure are different in the Yucatan  In one throw away line she said, en passant, ” I took my son to look for Noctilio leporinus, but we didn’t get to see any as there was a Jaguar nearby”. We just don’t get that in Bedfordshire.  Nor do we get boa constrictors for which I am grateful. Celia is in the UK for three weeks and is also visiting the University of Bristol and the Bat Conservation Trust.

Already some of us are dreaming about paying her a visit, even if there are many mosquitoes.

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