Hibernation survey 1

December Hibernation Survey
Posted on December 11, 2011

You are legally allowed to get a bat hibernation site three times a year under the supervision of a bat worker with a hibernation licence. The Bat group has just done its December survey with a rather overqualified team – 4 hibernation licence holders and one trainee only a gnats whiskers away from being licenced. This time last year the snow was thick on the ground, so we were a bit concerned that this milder weather would reduce numbers- especially as we had folk coming for Bury and Bristol.
But the bats were co-operative and we found 101 bats including 8 barbastelles on Saturday and another 38 during checks on Sunday.

Photo of hibernating Natterer's bat Bob Cornes

Photo Bob Cornes. A brown long eared bat with its ears tucked under its wing opens a bleary eye before going back to sleep


One highlight was checking out a new hibernation site in Luton and finding bats in it.

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