Hibernation Survey 2

December Hibernation Survey 2

There were a number of icehouses we did not check at the weekend . We went to check one yesterday, We found a Brown long eared bat in a deep crevice. We have   seen the same place for several years now. We do wonder if it is the same bat who has staked a claim.

The icehouse also has a bat brick cemented into its roof. Peering into it we were delighted to see Daubenton’s and a Natterer’s Bat

Photo Bob Cornes,

The Natterer’s had very kindly left its characteristic ear in a position that we could see clearly (as much as you can see anything clearly peering up at a small bat in the dark) Sometimes when checking hibernating bats it is impossible to ID them with any degree of confidence and it is important that their hibernation is not disrupted

All being well we hope to check the other two   Wednesday

Photo Jude Hirstwood.

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