National Bat Monitoring Programme

Philip Briggs the National Bat Monitoring Projects Officer at the Bat Conservation Trust came and gave us a talk last night. It was fascinating to see how the data we collected fits into a much larger picture. Members already do a number of surveys for the NBMP and hopefully this talk will inspire others to lend a hand. BCT runs a range of surveys ranging from those suitable for absolute novices like the sunrise and sunset surveys to more complex ones like the hibernation surveys which can only be carried out by licensed trainers.You don’t have to be a member of a bat group to get involved.- though if it whets your interest bat groups are always looking for new recruits. There are on line tutorials to help you on the Bat Conservation website if you want guidance.

You can find out more information at

Statisticians analyse the data collected and produce a report every year

When compared with bird and butterfly data, this is still in its early stages, but it makes for fascinating reading

Thanks to BCT, Bats are now recognised as indicator species which are used to measure the health of British wildlife

Once he had finished his talk we ticked into the inevitable cake and Philip answered questions for ages

As if this weren’t  enough excitement Martin Bob and Aidan  got into a huddle to discuss progress on making a small harp trap which we are hoping will be ready for the new season. We are pinching the basic idea from Daniel Hargreaves as we have  seen just how effective a home made  mini harp trap can be.

Harp traps can only be used under licence – we do have some one with one, it’s just we don’t have a harp trap yet, but watch this space..



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