Hibernating Bats Photogallery

I’ve been looking through the bat group archive of photos of hibernating bats which we have collected over the years. Hibernating bats are very difficult to photograph as bats must not be disturbed and of course they do tend to put themselves in inaccessible places, making them so difficult to identify in the fieldĀ  . In the last few years with improvement in camera technology the quality of photographs we have been able to get have improved


Hibernating Natterer's Bat Photo Phil Cannings

What is interesting is that we almost never find pipistrelles, which are the commonest bat we find flying. Natterer’s are common in hibernation checks but more elusive when they are awake. Natterer’s find the most peculiar angles to hibernate in.

We also find moths occasionally and pass these records onto the the Bedfordshire’s Moth Recorder.



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