Jeremy Deller: Joy in People 22 February – 13 May 2012

Jeremy Deller has a major retrospective at the Hayward Gallery at the moment. The last room in the exhibition is devoted to a 3D film of flying bats made in Texas, See an audio slideshow  which gives you an idea of what a bat enthusiast he is

  Why bats?”One evening Deller was watching School of Saatchi – a reality TV show in which Charles Saatchi set out to discover the next big thing. “There was some poor sod trying to cut a piece of wood and create a sculpture and I turned over to BBC1 and it was David Attenborough and time-lapse photography of sea anemones under Arctic ice. The art in that photography was so much more amazing than someone trying to create a crappy sculpture. Guardian

Jeremy Deller is collaborating with Dr Kate Jones from the Institute of Zoology and Chair of ibats on a project with digital agencies Disqo and Pachube to track the amazing sounds of bats in 2012 on the Greenway next to the London Olympic site and beyond, bats set the ‘heart beat of the environment’ according to Dr Jones.

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