Looking for Bechstein’s Bat

Photo of Bechstein's bat by Derek Smith, Surrrey Bat Group

The Bat Conservation Trust has been running a project to look for Bechstein’s bat. Our neighbour the North Bucks Bat Group found a number of Bechstein’s when they were part of the project. They have since carried on their research into Bechstein’s. We don’t get them in Bedfordshire. N0w Lia Gilmour is doing an MSc to see whether the date collected by this project can be used too predict Bechstein distribution. We will be working with her to see if we can find them in some woods in Bedf0rdshire. We get a loan of a harp trap and an Autobat  so we can follow the protocol devised by The Bat Conservation Trust. We are lucky that some members of the North Bucks group are going to help us out.

We are hoping to do surveys  in June. So keep your fingers crossed that the weather will improve, It is  unlikely that we will find Bechstein’s but we may find other interesting species and it is well worth the try.

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