Bats in Stockgrove boxes again

Sometimes it feels like it is never going to stop raining. Bob got soaked yesterday¬† scouting out a site for the forthcoming Bechstein’s project, but he dried out in time to go to Stockgrove co-ordinator Angie described the evening thus

Mother Nature resting at the Eden Project

“Mother Nature looked kindly on us last night and kept the rain away for the duration of the survey. It was a quiet night for Pips with only a couple out near the lake but the Noctules were feeding well over the lake. The Brown Long Eared decided to have yet another night in at Box 11 with 20-30 or more in residence. Box 8 also had 5+ residents, no definite ID but most likely Brown Long Eared, B11 was home to Common Pipestrelles with 2+ at home. 10 Daubentons crossed the beam over the lake.”

If the weather ever improves perhaps they will come out and let us see them flying

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