Stockgrove Park analysis of calls.

While the rest of those present, trudged round the park looking at roosts, Jude sat herself down at the point we do the Daubenton’s Count and made a continuous recording of bat activity there. ( with Jo to keep her company) using a Duet linked to a zoom recorder.

The recordings were analysed and whether a particular species was present in each 30 second segment was recorded. From this a cumulative frequency graph was constructed, which gives you a running total of the no of bats recorded.

Nothing startling, the soprano pipistrelles (green) came out first, followed by the Daubenton’s (blue) and then Noctule (red) .  We only got one common pipistrelle all night.It does confirm that sampling the presence of Daubenton’s over lake 45 minutes after sunset is a good time sample. ( The recording was starting 5 minutes before sunset)

We also left a Griffin at height which picked up a few bats at canopy height. We plan to repeat this exercise again next time, as long as it is not pouring with rain. We may use a Duet at height to make a more direct comparison.

We also picked up calls from what may well have been a serotine. There were too few calls to be absolutely positive, so it is well worth another try.








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