New i phone app for seeing bat calls

New technology is helping scientists and members of the public learn more about the lives of bats.

Bat expert Professor Kate Jones has collaborated with artist Jeremy Deller on a device that works in conjunction with smartphones to generate digital representations of bat calls.

They hope the technology will generate more interest in how bats live.

Professor Jones and Jeremy Deller spoke to the BBC World Service about their new invention Which is called Spectrogram and can be downloaded from the iphone app site  for $9.99

To be close to a bat is far more interesting than being close to an iphone Jeremy Deller.

Jeremy also said that a young bat needs its mother to learn how to fly. This is not the case. Flight is instinctive.





From the look of this picture , it will be of limited use to  “serious” bat watchers but might be fun on bat walks.

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