Bat care – a good news story.

Illustration Joan Childs

We had a call from a friend yesterday who had found a bat on his living room floor. When we got there we found a juvenile  uninjured female common pipistrelle. It is not unusual for juveniles to forget their way home when they first fly. We located the roost in a window frame ( not rocket science , there were droppings on the window sill below the entrance point, but we tried to look wise).  In the hot weather they had opened the window. She was given a drink and we then tried reintroducing her to the roost. She moved so fast we did  not get a chance to take a photo. In an instant all that remained in view was a tiny fragment of tail and that too  quickly disappeared . We had another cup of tea, just n case she fell out again , but all was well and we headed home feeling smug

If you find a grounded bat ring theNational Bat Helplinet on 0845 1399 228

More information on what to do with a grounded bat  :-  2011-7 What to with a grounded bat

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