Stockgrove Country Park survey

Angie, Stockgrove Park Co-ordinator writes:

“Last night’s survey was very rewarding. Tree roost 4 was home to a Brown long eared who came out at 8.35, box 11 was also home to a Brown Long eared but this one sneaked out without being spotted. 8.36pm there was Barbastelle activity, again around the area of the low tree roost. 8.46 by T7 and 8.45 far side of the lake past the boat house was the first Soprano activity. The first Common was heard at 9.06 by the gate to Bakers Wood. The Noctules came out over the lake at 8.40. 112 Daubentons crossed the torch light over the lake but the highlight of the night was a Juvenile female Daubentons caught in the mist net behind the seat by the lake where the Daubentons count takes place. ”

Photo of juvenioe Daubentons Jude Hirstwood

The other thing of not was the absent of bitey beasts and the enormous and varied  slugs which mounted an honour guard on the way back to the car park Apparently you can idenitify slugs by the taste of their mucus. We did not put this to the test.

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