Afternoon tea with Kathy Hinde

Photo Bedford Creative Arts

Performance artist was in Bedford again last week and Bob and Jude met up with her over a cuppa to discuss bats and bat calls. It was fascinating getting am musician’s perspective on bat calls. Talking about  the glissados made by pipistrelles gave us a whole new perspective.

Really looking forward to hearing the end product. The performance is on 8th December.  You can read more about the project here.  Kathy has asked Bob to be on the cafe scientifique discussion after the performance.

Kathy will be visited Bristol University’s Lia Gilmour to hear some of the recordings she made during her time in Bedfordshire looking for Bechstein’s

The bat world is just one big interconnected community. Jude was the the physio’s last night and it transpired that her sister is a bat consultant and bat  carer.

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