A day out the Luton Hoo Walled Garden Pumpkin and Apple Day

We took five of us along to the Luton Hoo walled garden  pumpkin and apple day and it was just as well as were were busy all day.

Spiders made by The Greensand Trust Photo Jude Hirstwood



The Greensand Trust let us share their space and were very taken with their creepy crawlies Children had a great time making spiders themselves and there were lots of children wearing their spiders and sporting stickers which they were given after seeing  the bat.





Photo Jude Hirstwood

We took five of us, which was just as well as we were really busy. The stall was only ever this empty before the public arrived, and once the doors opened we were kept busy. The next image was taken on one of our quieter moments.

What was really nice was the large number of people who came up to say hello and tell us they had been to a talk we had given and had lived to tell the tale.

There was lots of interest from young children  (and there parents) and because there were five of us we could chat at some length to people who were particularly interested. I took this picture during one of our quieter  moments.

Photo Jude HIrstwood

It was lovely to be able to give people a close up look at the bat, who as always was well behaved, though very lively, climbing up Bob’s sweatshirt whenever the opportunity arose – no doubt searching for a mealworm he might have secreted about his person.



We were able to take it in turns to have a quick break for lunch. Dick was very impressed that they were selling gluten free cake and we all made sure we had a cup of hot spiccd apple juice from a nearby stall.

During my break I wandered down to look at the pumpkins children had made and was also very taken by this Gruffalo scarecrow. I wish now I had taken a picture of the lovely plant decorations that the organisers had out up

Pumpkin bats Photo Jude Hirstwood




Photo Jude Hirstwood






Knitted bats Photo Jude Hirstwood.





We also so did a roaring trade in badges, bats and postcards and finished the day with over £50 for the bat care fund. Thanks to every one who was so generous and to the rain which held off for most of the day







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