Talk at St Leonards’

As we walked into the classroom with the captive noctule when we arrived to talk to the Year 1 group, we were greeted by this fantastic owl. The class has been working on a project about animals in the dark and there were other lovely examples, all around the room.







This display of animals you find in the dark included a bat








and on the wall were more owls made by the children.I just loved the use of leaves as feathers.








Most of the children were familiar with Stockgrove and Rushmere , and we were able to tel them something about the bats which they might see if they went there at twilight

After the talk we introduced them to the bat in small groups and then Bob showed the whole group how big her healthy wing was, which they were very impressed by.

We were made very welcome and at the end of the talk they presented me with a bouquet of roses and this beautiful hand made card- and a round of hip hip hoorays  finished our visit  that is hip hip hooray as in “thanks” rather than as in “thank goodness you are going”.

The class may have a go at building bat boxes and I have pointed their teacher in the direction of the instructions for the Kent Bat box    Kent Bat Box leaflet


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