Building Bat boxes in Bedford Schools 2012

Photo Daniel Fellman

Photo Daniel Fellman

Yesterday saw the last of our visit to Bedford Schools when we visited Beauchamps Middle School As per usual I did the talk (no one cried this time )and left Rangers Danny and Nicky to build the boxes.

Later that day Danny sent me a photo he head taken of the completed boxes along with a summary of what we had achieved this time round – which I have knicked wholesale

The Bedford Ranger Service and Bedfordshire Bat Group presented a school assembly and then built bat boxes with a group of children, selected by the schools.

This autumn’s bat box building took place in Harpur, Castle and Brickhill wards and was funded by councillor’s Louise King & Colleen Atkins.

The schools visited were:

  • Livingstone Lower
  • Priory Lower
  • Scott Lower
  • Beauchamp Middle

Overall we:

  • Presented to about 550 children in assemblies

  • Gave 96 children the chance to construct bat boxes

  • Built 35 bat boxes

  • Provided 25 bat boxes to the schools

  • Provided 10 bat boxes for the local green spaces

  • Provided teaching resources to all the schools

  • Provided educational resources to 96 children

    No more events now before the New ear, time to start thinking about Christmas

  •  Scott School DisplayPhoto Daniel Fellman

    Scott School Display       Photo Daniel Fellman

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