While I was away…

So while we were in Trinidad was everything quiet here? Well to be honest – far from it. If you remember last year we reported finding a noctule who we took into care over the winter . Originally underweight she soon gaining weight and was thriving

We are keeping her captive until the weather warms up but meanwhile she has other plans.|With a strong sense of deja vu we came back to discover that she had given birth in captivity. just as our captive bat did two years ago.

Noctule and newborn Photo Simon  Pidgeon

Noctule and newborn Photo Simon Pidgeon

A new born bat is not by any stretch of the imagination a thing of great beauty it has to be said but watch this space.

Photo Simon Pidgeon

Photo Simon Pidgeon


A week later and he weighed 5 grams

week old noctule. Photo Simon Pidgeon

week old noctule. Photo Simon Pidgeon













Last time round we couldn’t release mum back into the wild, but this time we should be able to. Meanwhile mother and baby are doing well. We will keep you updated.




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