An unusual client for our bat care team.

Natterer's bat.. Photo Hedj Dolman

Natterer’s bat.. Photo Hedj Dolman

Most of the bat calls we get are pipistrelles, brown long eareds and the occasional Noctule. But yesterday Hedj went to pick up a bat  and found to his ( and our) delight  that it was a Natterer’a bat. This is the first time we have had a Natterer’s in care
This was probably another casualty of the prolonged cold weather There is no obvious sign of injury, but she is a bit underweight, weighing in at 6g. So Kel and Hedj will feed her up on mealworms- which she has taken to with great enthusiasm- before releasing her.

In “real life” Hedj is a professional  photographer and he has taken some lovely pictures of his new charge. You can see more of them on the Bedfordshire Bat Group facebook page.

Natterer's bat  at table - Photo Hedj Dolnman

Natterer’s bat at table – Photo Hedj Dolnman

Update Tony who was a founder member of the bat group adds

I picked up a “baby and mother” from a house near Old Warden many years ago. Turned out to be a juvenile Natterer’s bat (the mother) and an adult pipistrelle (the baby). Can’t give you a date though. Have a look in the records – if you can’t find anything, then it would be the first official record.


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