At long last -bats at Stockgrove

A fortnight ago the bats were decidedly absent from Stockgrove Country Park, but things are looking up Angie who co-ordinates the survey writes

Photo Toby Thorne

Photo Toby Thorne

The Bats are back in town. A very good evening at Stockgrove yesterday with 5 species out and about, Common & Soprano Pips, Noctule, Daubenton’s and Brown LongĀ  Eared in 2 of the boxes – 2 in one box which were too shy to come out for us but in another box 14 came out. Thank you to all that came out to play

Meanwhile Martin took advantage of an evening off work to try out his new infra red video set up., which gives me an excuse to repost this infra red photo taken by Toby a couple of year’s back

It would seem that the season is finally warming up. – about time too!

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