Lakeside Survey – and we are off

The bat group visits this site one a fortnight. Last time we went there was not a bat in sight. How things change. The rain held off long enough for us to count the bats coming out of the roost. Things were  so very different last night 743 bats in total were counted, The bats come out of several entrances and Dick was kept very busy trying to count them 0ut of the most popular roost exit.

Art work by Janet Treby- who used to live in Bedfordshire

Art work by Janet Treby– who used to live in Bedfordshire

In addition to this, 5 Noctules flew over¬† and common pipistrelles and Daubenton’s were heard nearby. To cap it all Dave saw 11 hares in a nearby field., found a large badger sett, saw a hobby and spottted a little owl o the way home

Oh pretty please let this be a start of a good season.

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