A game of two halves

Last night was a busy one for the Bat Group with two regular surveys

Art Work from the Victorian vampire facebook page

Art Work from the Victorian vampire facebook page

The first survey was at the Lakeside sight and was curtailed by rain after only(!) 489 bats were counted out before  rain stopped play and the Team took an early bath.

Meanwhile at Harold Odell Country Park we had better luck with the weather . There was just the one brief shower. The area behind the visitor’s centre has been opened out over the winter. We did wonder if this would put the pipistrelles off but they were around as usual and we got a good view of them. As we continued on our way we picked up Noctule Daubenton’s and a sertotine. On the way back to the car we heard an unidentifiable Myotis. It was probably a Daubenton’s but we can always dream it was a whiskered/Brandt’s/Alcathoe bat.

Illuhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/30162487@N00/5331501966/stration by Paula aolo

 Illustration by Paula Alves


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